About us

We are a group of three from Ireland, all with a passion for wildlife and film.

Andrew Power has a degree in Zoology from Trinity College Dublin and a Master of Research in Conservation Biology from the University of Nottingham. He is currently working towards his PhD in marine contaminants in sea bird eggs at the Marine and Freshwater Institute at GMIT. He is director, photographer and second cinematographer at CrowCrag Productions. He has gained valuable experience working on video projects with the Irish Wildlife Trust, BirdWatch Ireland, the National Biodiversity Data Centre and The Heritage Council. His extensive field experience working on wildlife research both locally and abroad (Egypt, Cape Verde, International waters Atlantic Ocean) has given him the opportunity to film projects in action in a wide variety of settings. Andrew is an expert in ornithology, specializing in cliff- and island-nesting seabirds, and in lepidopterology. Our nature-based documentary video projects are scripted by Andrew due to his specific wildlife and environmental expertise.
Peter Cutler has a degree in Media Production Management from DCU and is a professional freelance cameraman and editor. Over the last number years he has produced videos for numerous large global corporations, such as Vodafone and Fujitsu, while closer to home has become a regular supplier to the Heritage Council. Productions have included live event capture, music, promotional and online video, and overseas documentary. CrowCrag Productions has allowed Peter to forge a specialisation in natural history filmmaking, a subject area he is passionate about. This has led to the production of a plethora of contracted video projects for clients such as BirdWatch Ireland, EU LIFE Programme, and the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Peter is Cinematographer and Editor for CrowCrag Productions
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Féaron has a degree in Zoology, a Master of Research in Evolutionary Biology and a PhD in Biomedical Science. Throughout this academic progression, she has focused extensively on science outreach and communication. She has used her position to produce media encouraging girls and those from ethnic minorities to pursue scientific education and careers (Project title: Let STEM Grow). To this end, Féaron works as a script-writer, narrator and voice-over artist on many of CrowCrag Productions’ informative and science-driven videos, lending a female voice to historically male-dominated subjects. Within the company, Féaron works in management, production and promotion. Her previous external promotional work includes projects for BirdWatch Ireland and British Birds journal.

All three of us are extremely passionate about nature and strongly believe in the accurate and scientific portrayal of it. It is through the medium of film that we make this something beautiful, accessible and informative. We feel that with each project our work improves and we constantly strive to reach new levels in terms of our technical and professional abilities as well as in terms of reaching a wider audience.